Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers from KeeService Company
Dock Leveler from KeeService Company
Dock Leveler from KeeService Company

We offer a variety of Dock Levelers for your convenience. Please look over the following quality options:

Our Dock Levelers:

Pit Levelers

We offer a large selection of Levelers, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Mechanical. With such a variety of sizes, prices, and carrying capacities, we have exactly the product for your loading dock. We’ll work with you to determine which leveler best suits your needs.
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Edge of Dock Levelers

KeeService Company is happy to offer a diverse series of edge-of-dock Levelers. Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution, or a top of the line leveler built for strength and versatility, we have what you need. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation in depth and create a solution.
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Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers

With a 20,000 to 25,000 lb. capacity range, our Hydraulic top-of-dock levelers are a great solution, especially when retrofitting a dock with no pit in place.
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Boards & Ramps

KeeService Company’s boards and ramps come in a wide variety of sizes in order to provide the versatility necessary when implementing this type of solution. Engineered for strength, durability and safety, our boards and ramps will prove an ideal fit for your circumstance.
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