Pre-Crusher Compactors

Sometimes the garbage we need to crush in our trash compactors is too large for your average garbage compactor or commercial waste compactor. This is when a solid Pre-Crusher comes in handy. Any large, bulky material – such as crates, boxes and pallets – is best sent through one of our industrial Pre-Crushers.

With Kee Service Company Pre-Crushers, you can expect a clean, fast and trouble free operation of compaction and waste removal. Please feel free to take a look at our industrial trash compactor series:

Pre-Crusher Compactors we provide:

KS4PC and KS6PC Series

The pre-crushers are designed to reduce the mass of hard-to-compact or bulky material. They are also used to crush and destroy materials and products that waste generators want destroyed before having them sent to the disposal site.
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