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Kee Service Company provides a wide variety of commercial or industrial trash compactors to suit nearly every conceivable application. We’re proud to carry such high quality equipment, and would love to answer any questions you might have about our compactors.

In the paragraphs below we outline the pros and cons of using a compactor, and the various compactor services we provide. If you already know which compactor you’d like to find out more about, feel free to click the links below or in the slider above.

Our Compactors:

Why Use a Compactor?

  • Compacting waste can reduce the number of trips to the dump or landfill, thereby saving you in fuel, time and transportation.
  • Space savings. A compactor and receiving container occupies less of your precious real estate than the un-compacted collection of trash, freeing up room you can use for something more profitable.
  • Removes the need for an external dumpster, which involves employees making frequent trips out, often at night, placing them in a vulnerable situation. Bins or a Dumpster are also often taken advantage of by neighbors who see them as a free opportunity to rid themselves of their own trash.
  • More efficient disposal of waste, preventing accidental pollution through accidentally spilled or wind-blown debris.

Types of Compactors We Provide and Service

Pre-Crusher Compactors for sale, repair or service from Kee Pre-Crusher Compactors

Pre-Crusher Compactors serve the important purpose of breaking down larger, bulkier trash before it is compacted into the receiving container attached. The larger trash components are splintered or crushed between an immensely powerful ram and a steel bulkhead which allows them to be compacted much more densely than would otherwise be possible.
Pre-Crushers are used in many different applications, but the following are several typical examples:

  • Old Pallets,
  • Shipping Crates,
  • Barrels,
  • Construction materials,

Self-contained Compactors

As the name would suggest, a self contained compactor bridges the gap between a compactor and a container, with the end result being a versatile piece of machinery that is perfect for handling a mixture of wet and dry waste. The enclosed compactor prevents the liquid waste from escaping, while handling solid trash like any other compactor would. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of industries and applications, for example:

  • Grocery Stores,
  • Malls or Food Courts,
  • Food Chains and Restaurants,
  • Elderly Care Homes and Hospitals,
  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts,

Stationary Compactors from KeeService CompanyStationary Compactors

Stationary Compactors are thusly named for simple reasons. As opposed to self contained compactors, they are permanently fixed in place, usually on a large concrete platform. They are also perfect for handling dry trash such as cardboard, plastic, old pallets, packaging materials and more. Stationary Compactors are versatile and durable, and will perform well in industries with a lot of dry waste:

  • Office Buildings,
  • Factories, Industrial buildings,
  • Department Stores,
  • Restaurants,
  • Construction Materials,
  • Many other Industrial and Commercial applications.

Transfer Station Compactors for sale, repair and service from Kee ServiceTransfer Station Compactors

Transfer Station Compactors exist for the purpose of helping to assist in the compaction and rapid transport of waste. For any industry with a large volume of waste, a transfer station compactor makes it possible to compact the waste before it is moved on to the landfill.

Compactor Accessories

Compactors are a powerful and useful tool in and of themselves, however, with the addition of certain accessories, their usefulness can be enhanced and improved upon. We are proud to service and supply two of the most necessary and frequently used of these tools:

Cart Dumpers

industry first front feed

Cart Dumpers are used to Dump trash from easily portable carts, bins and trash cans into the larger compactor with negligible effort using a hydraulic arm to lift the cart through a ninety degree angle, dumping its contents into the compactor, to be crushed and compacted. Cart Dumpers also allow you to fill bins in convenient locations without having to run each piece of trash to the compactor. Once the bins are full, they can be easily rolled to wherever the compactor is located and dumped.

Our Trash Compactor Services

Compactor Service, Installation and Advice

We know the industry, and would be more than happy to visit your location, talk about your needs, and figure out the best possible solution. We’ll put our experience to work for you, customizing a system that will meet your needs in the best, and most efficient, cost effective manner possible.

Compactor Repair and Service

If your compactor is running at less than 100% efficiency, we have the know-how and the industry experience at our disposal to ensure that your compactor is repaired and fully effective, and that you return to full efficiency. Compactor service, or compactor repair is a big part of what we are happy to provide, contacting us is the first step towards repair!

New Compactor Sales

If you’re in need of a new compactor, either to replace an old system, or as a brand new solution to your waste management concerns, we’d be more than happy to provide the answer. We stock a range of excellent compactors, in each of the categories described above, and we’d be happy to learn about your needs and suggest an optimal compactor for your situation.

Used Compactor Sales

If you need a compactor but financial restraints are a concern, or if you are interested in finding a more economical option for any other reason, perhaps a used compactor would be a better bet? Our inventory of used compactors varies from time to time, but we’d be happy to talk to you about what we currently have access to, and whether or not it’s a good fit for your current needs.

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