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Office Paper Shredders

Powerful and compact, our office paper shredders serve the dual purposes of increasing your information security, and disposing of paper waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Our office shredders are a cost effective and reliable solution, offering you the flexibility of a shredder in several locations if you should choose.
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High Capacity Shredders

KeeService Company offers several industrial strength shredders, fed by conveyors and ranging in capacity from 750 lbs up to 25 tons of material per hour. We provide several models, whether you need a centralized high capacity shredder or a more mobile solution, we are happy to offer the shredder you need!
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Complete Shredding Systems

Custom solutions created specifically to meet your needs. We’ll put together a combination of conveyors, autofeed systems, tippers, containers and a high capacity shredder, that will result in unprecedented levels of efficiency in your paper disposal.
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Cross-Shredding Systems

Our Cross-Shredding solution involves feeding the paper waste through two shredders, placed at a 90 degree angle to one another, resulting in a much finer shred, which means increased security, environmental friendliness, and a more compact end product.
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