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Trash Compactors from KeeService Company
Self Contained Trash Compactors from KeeService Company
KSC35 – Self Contained Compactor from KeeService Company

A good Self-Contained Compactor is designed to handle large amounts of waste that have the potential to produce large amounts of liquid. That liquid needs somewhere to go, and that somewhere can’t just be all around your compactor, or place of business. We have a whole line of self-contained industrial trash compactors to take care of what you need.  They have large, sealed receptacles designed to retain all of the wet waste your garbage produces. They’re great for hotels, restaurants, schools or universities, hospitals, or department stores and anyone who produces large amounts of waste, but doesn’t want a large mess. (Add this before their current description)

Take a look through our Self Contained Compactor selection below. Whether you’re just looking for accessibility with low rear loading height, or a massive load chamber to take on bulky trash, we have a compactor that will meet your needs!

Self-Contained Compactors we provide:

KS35 Series

The largest clear-top chamber in the industry – 41 x 68 inches – almost 20 square feet of load chamber to accommodate even the bulkiest trash.
View Specifications (pdf)

KS6R Series of Trash Compactor

Built for accessibility, with the low 40″ rear loading height, even the most petite person can handle the job.
View Specifications (pdf)

KS6F Series of Trash Compactor

K-PAC’s neat, clean appearance, in both the rear loading model and the front loading model, blends attractively with its surroundings
View Specifications (pdf)

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